Thirty EIGHT Weeks

Yesterday I was 38 weeks. I went to the doctor today and he said that I was a solid one. I am not even sure what a solid one is but anyways. Last week I had an ultrasound so the doctor could decide if he was moving up my due date to tomorrow. Easton was weighing around 7lbs and he said he will probably gain about half a pound a week and the dr thinks I will do fine with this. I am not positive on this but I am thinking any mom who had a baby weighing 7.1 lbs and one weighing 8 something could defiantly tell some differences! So with this information my due date is still August 24. I really would not like to be induced this time so we will have to see how that goes.
I am feeling pretty good for the most part nothing out of the ordinary for being 38 weeks along. I have gained 23 lbs so far and I feel it there is just not a lot of room when you are just shy of 5'2. When I was pregnant with Addi my hands went numb the for the last trimester and they hurt SO bad. They would tingle and then my wrists would throb. I also had some swelling in my legs and hands. This time I have not had either and I know it is because I am not working. I think not using my hands and not sitting in the same position for 8 hours a day has really helped. We are ready to meet Easton so we are just waiting!

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