Saturday my mom came over to keep Addi so Justin and I could go out. I didn't take any pictures for some reason. We went to the horse races and had a good time it was so nice outside even if you dont like horse racing there are some very interesting people to see! My mom brought me these flowers they are so pretty. I would love to always have fresh flowers in my house!
This is my favorite picture of the weekend.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Justin took the day off to be home with us and we did not do a whole lot. Justin cooked out and we just mostly played with Addi.

22 weeks! I feel like I am getting so big! I know in about 3 months I will wish I was this "big" again. I was going to try to really hard with this baby to take pictures weekly or monthly and of course it hasn't happened. Justin said not to feel bad boys do not care what there moms looked like when pregnant!

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