First of all do you ever look at old pictures and think when did you look like that????? Addi is getting so big. She talks ALL the time and can say what ever she wants. Her new thing when she doesn't want to eat something is it's spicy. I do not know what she knows about spicy but the other morning she was convinced her oatmeal was to spicy. You say take another bite she says no spiiicy! She knows what Justin and do at work the other day I was telling her bye she said gotta go to work I said yes she says ok clean up some teef and be careful babe!! For about two weeks when you asked what dada did at work she says play basketball haha I dont know who told her that!! Today Janie had to go to a couple of dr appoitments and Justin has class that he can't miss so I stayed home with Addi...how nice being home during the week! We went to lunch with a friend and we went to her house for a minuter afterwards and right when we walked in she says Momma it stinks and she said it about 100 more times!!! That's nice. I laugh every single day OUT LOUD because of Addi

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