Addi Update

Ready for spring to be here and to stay here!
Look at these pigtails her hair is getting so long and I think it is getting/looking thicker
Looking good picking her out fits!

A couple of weeks ago Addi went to stay Justins parents she was only gone for 2 nights and she did really good. I think she had a good time. We went to the zoo when they brought her back and she is waving at everyone in this video she acted like she hasn't seen them in years! Oh yes and Addi is going to have a BROTHER!!!

Which brings us to baby...I will be 20 weeks on Wednesday it is amazing how fast it is going this time! I had sonogram on the 23rd and the lady said right away. I really did not have a feeling one way or another but guess I just always pictured Addi with a sister. So I was a little surprised! It will be so much fun to have one of each. The baby looked good it is so much fun to have the ultrasound! I am feeling good and can feel him move all the time.

Justin passed the second part of his paramedic test I am so proud of him!!!!!!!!

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