I was thinking and I always blog about pretty much the same thing all the time...Addi Justin and what we have been doing so I thought I would add something new

Here are some things I like and just some random things about me...(I know you are so excited :)

I love to read...I use to do alot more of this but I still enjoy. I have been reading the series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo really like them

diet coke I get one everyday on my lunch break

sushi..not the raw sushi my favorite is the spicy cowboy

my ugg boots I had the one from target for 2 years and recently got the real ones I LOVE THEM

bed head hairspray

getting my hair done I dont actually like having my hair done it takes forever but after the fact I feel so much better

getting a pedicure

words with friends I am hooked

teen mom I can not imagine!!

All right thats all I can think of Hope everyone had a good snow day!!!

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