We have some big news. Addi is going to be a big sister! We are so excited I am 14 weeks today. I am feeling much better now it was a little harder this time than it was with Addi. I had more morning sickness (not sure why it is called morning sickness when it lasts all freakin day) But that is over now and I am not as tired. I have gained 3 lbs so far but it seems like my stomach is so much bigger this time.

We waited a little while to tell everyone (except family) because...
when I stopped breast feeding Addi I had a lump in my left breast and it was a little sore so I decided that I should go to the doctor and he sent me for a mammogram. It came back fine and I didn't really think that much about it.

When I first found out I was pregnant the same place was really sore. I couldn't really lay on that side so I mentioned it again to my doctor. This time he sent me for a ultrasound of the area. I was really not that worried since the mammogram came back fine.

So we went for the ultrasound and the spot I was talking about came ended up being fine. The lady said the worst case would be that I would need to come back for a biopsy. So when she found two other places the doctor came in and said she wanted to do a biopsy. GRRR. it was so frustrating and I was scared. So a week later we Justin and I went back and had the biopsy done. The first one was just a cyst and they drained the fluid and it was fine. The second one they took a biopsy of and sent it off. The worst part was that I could not lift Addi for a couple of days it is hard to not be able to lift your baby!!

The next week the results came back and everything was ok it was just a cyst that is noncancerous and doesn't ever turn cancerous.

So when that was all over we were able to focus on being pregnant and we are so excited!!

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