This weekend I got to spend some time with people I enjoy. Friday we went to dinner with friends. Saturday Justin had to work so my mom and Janie came over so we all got to hang out together. Then the best today was a day with Justin and Addi and even an extra hour...I think every Sunday should be an hour longer. Please pay no attention to my eyes in these pictures my allergies are really bothering me and my eyes have been hurting more and longer than they ever have. I can't seem to get the right meds to help. And yep that's some Christmas decorations!!
Today in church the sermon was about which path we choose to take. The road that leaves to no where has a wide entrance and it is easy to follow and when you have wondered to the end that's it there is nothing. The road that leads to Heaven has a very narrow entrance and the path is hard to follow...but the reward in the end is God. Then he asked which path do you choose?
Justin and I have found a church we really enjoy and I love taking Addi. My mom always took us to church when we were little but it is something I did not do on my own for a long time. My dad was saved when he had cancer. He never went to church with us but when he got sick he was saved and he was a totally different person. I think he was the person he always wanted to be but it just never came out for whatever his reasons were. It was horrible horrible watching my Dad die watching his body just stop working. He had just turned 49 when he died. But I do think that was all in Gods plan because if my dad would have died in a car accident or maybe just kept living his life the way he was he would not have been saved. In the last few months my dad was alive he tried to talk to me about God and asked me to find a church. I did not go. I was angry that this was happening to my dad and my family.
Justin and I were in Amarillo this summer at Pop's funeral and in the family room there was a man I knew I knew but could not place him. It finally dawned on me that it was a patient of mine (we were 4 hours from home). He was a patient I really enjoyed and had told Justin about before because he reminded me of Pops. Well he is Justin's grandma's cousin. He had invited me to church when I had seen him before but we never went. Well now we go to the same church. God places people in our lives and he places them in our lives at the right time. It was not a coincidence it was all planned by HIM.

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ladymann said...

Oh wow- what a neat story about that man!! That's awesome!!
Addi's hair is getting so long!! She's so darn cute!!