Babies Babies and Christmas

Thursday my cousin Lisa had her baby Carsyn and she had her close to her so Addi and I went to visit. She is so cute and so tiny. My Aunt Mary gave Addi a Jesse costume and Addi thought the hat looked good on her. On Friday we saw our friends Jennifer and Casey and Cooper and their new baby Carson. He is so cute and we were glad we finally got to see them. I wish we could have spent more time with all of them. ALL OF THESE BABIES!!! Makes Addi seem so big.

Oops did not mean to put this pic here.

This is just how big Addi really is BIG GIRL!!!

I did get rid of some of these decorations and put up some of these..

I have had fun making all these Christmas wreaths. Next weekend I plan on decorating for Christmas hopefully all but the tree. I am excited for Christmas this year!!
Justin and I got to go on an afternoon date while my mom stayed with Addi we saw DUE DATE and it was so funny!

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