How cutie are Addi's pigtails! I love them!!
The definition of a good ponytail (according to me and Janie 20 SOMETHING years ago)...

First you had to sit on the toilet facing backwards so your mom could do the ponytail.
The only other person capable of a great ponytail was our Aunt Mary
Next you put mousse all over the top and smooth it down...lumps are not acceptable
Then you pull it very VERY tight it is ok if your eyes are now so squinty you really can't see or that you will have a headache when your hair is taken down
If for some unfortunate reason your ponytail becomes loose you split the tail and pull it so it is tight again
Our ponytails were so beautiful (kidding) and we would cry if our hair did not look good or if the ponytail became loose....such worries back then
Gotta go watch some basketball now, we need Butler to win (J promised me some shoes if he wins his bracket)!

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