Justin called Janie and begged and cried (actually he just asked) for her to watch Addi so we could go out to dinner together. So I took a shower, took Addi to Janie's and went and ate some sushi! It was soo good...I think the best sushi we have had it was so nice to spend some time alone with Justin! His work schedule has been really hard and it is just getting started this is how his week went.
Mon school 8-5
Tues work 7 am to 7 am on Wed
Wed 8-5 school
Thurs 7 am to 7 am on Fri work
Fri 8-5 school then 7 pm to 7am Saturday morning clinical
Sat 7am to 7 am Sun morning work
Yep it sucks but he does have a couple of hours tonight so Addi and I are going to have dinner with him. We kinda miss him!!

The top picture is just to show what a nice looking husband I have :)

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