Here we go again

Friday night we had another night of bad weather and some time in the storm shelter.  When I went to work the air felt so thick it was different than just being humid.  We ended up going to the storm shelter around 7 and didn't leave until after 9.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  This time we had 5 adults and Addi and Easton in the shelter.  Easton pooped within the first 30 minutes.  We lost power again for over 24 hours but atleast we did have water.  We are going to have to replace our fence, an adjuster is coming on Thursday to check the roof and Addi hopes Santa brings her another trampoline. 
These pictures do not do justice to what our town looks like.  It is so so sad.  I hate to complain about no power when this is a common sight.  There are so many things you don't think about.  We have a generator that we can hook up but it only has enough power for the fridge and tv.  A generator runs on gas and we couldn't get any gas because no one has electricity so you can only run it a couple of hours.  There is nowhere to go you can't eat out because they have no electricty.  The stop lights don't work so traffic is Horrible.  It really is never ending.  My work was hit by a small tornado so now there is desruction all around my areas. 
There are stray animals walking everywhere and people just wondering around.  I am so thankful we are all fine the stuff that happened to us is just an annoyance but please continue to pray for the ones that lost family and homes.  It is devasting.  We had several people at church that had lost loved ones and they just look BROKEN. 

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