Memorial Day weekend

Don't let these sweet little faces fool you.  They wore me out today.  Apparently Easton is a biter.  Addi has two bruises to prove it and he even has two marks on his own arm.  Addi has a bruise and a cut between her eyes where he chuncked a book.  God definitely has a plan with birth order if Easton would have been first he may have been an only child.  I either have a cold sore throat fever or allergies. Either way I was miserable today. And you guessed it Justin was at work. 

We did have a good weekend...zoo on Saturday then went to the fire station for a fish fry. Justin made he best hush puppies ever. Good thing Justin doesnt cook for me like he does the guys at the station. I would be BIG L...

Sunday was church and they did a service for the tornado victims. It was so so sad. They are starting to open more streets and it looks like a bomb went off there is really no words that describe what you see. Still praying for everyone involved. 

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