5 Months

Since Easton is almost 6 months I need to write about his 5 months. He is getting so big I am not sure how much he weighs because we did not have to see the dr this month. He is so much bigger than Addi was at this age. His hair is growing and coming in it is alot lighter than it looks in the pictures it is going to be blonde. He is already wearing 6 months clothes and we had to go to size 3 diapers. Addi wore a size 4 when she stopped wearing diapers at 2 yrs and 5 months! You started eating rice cereal and hoped that would make you sleep longer at night but it had no effect. You are a happy happy baby. I just love you so much I love to watch you and Addi together so sweet. I over heard her telling Easton he was her best friend. I am so blessed!

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