Happy 4th of July

Justin has to work today so Addi and I have just been hanging out at home. She has been sleeping and I have been cleaning. Tonight we are going to go to Justin's station so that we can see him and watch the fireworks in Edmond. Last year, Justin also had to work so I went to his station and they got called out and I had to watch by myself...hope it turns out different tonight.

Some exciting news...Justin and I save our change in a vase and it gets filled about twice a year. When it is full we cash it in and use it to go do something together. Well...yesterday we cashed in and we had $263 and then I won $20 from a scratch off ticket! I found a bed and breakfast in Turner Falls that looks really nice and it has a spa that does massages. So that is our plan to spend the night there and relax!! It will be our first night away from Addi. :( We have not decided when we will go but hopefully soon. I have to go take shower and get ready it is only 2:35!

I love this picture of my mom and Addison

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gjones said...

Oh I love her 4th of July outfit! She looks precious!!! So cute Laurie!! I hope ya'll had a great 4th and got to watch the fireworks together as a family! That B&B sounds so nice, ya'll will have lots of fun getting some R&R! Miss you tons and hope to get together soon! xoxo