Lately I have been feeling just blah. I thought I wanted to grow my hair out so it has been growing and it is driving me crazy can you say ponytail everyday. I have 3 pounds to loose to be back at my prepregnancy weight but none of my shirts fit me since I am still breastfeeding. They are tight and make me self conscious. I have had a lot going on in the past couple months new baby..new job..taking addi and easton to daycare..all that has been going on with Janie. I thought working less days would mean I am more productive at home but that hasn't been the case.
So today my mom watched a and e for an hour so I could go get my haircut and on Friday I am going shopping for some new clothes. Addi had a good time at my moms then we ate lunch then I came home and scrubbed my house. I hate just picking the house up it drives me crazy. I like for it to be all clean every room even if it just stays that way for a day. Wait a day...that would be nice. So maybe with new clothes and new hair I will feel better

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