Here Lately

Addi is on her way to feed the ducks she ate most of the bread herself...

Well here is what we have been up to lately...the last two pictures are Addi on her way to Sunday school. I think she looks so big in these pictures. Addi has been doing good in the nursery she cries when you drop her off but within a few minutes she is busy playing with the baby dolls. I really like the church we have been going to. I have really missed going to church and it is nice to go and go as a family.

This weekend we went to the lake with some friends. We had a good time but man it was HOT!! Addi really likes to play in the water she swam in the lake and in the baby pool and really likes playing with her shovels and buckets. It was nice to get away just for the night. It is fun to just hang out get in the water and of course cook out some good food.
Addi is getting so big she does something everyday that amazes me. She had gone to the bathroom in the toilet 4 times now!!! Justin ordered her a potty so maybe next week she will get it. Justin took her one time at the lake and she fell into the toilet yuck...poor girl it really scared her. She has really started plating with her baby later she picks her up and kisses and hugs her. She will bounce her up and down and likes to put diapers on her and wrap her in a blanket. It is so amazing how much they learn from watching what you do..a little scary. Sometimes she calls me Laurie and Justin. My name sounds like Waurie. She is so funny and it is amazing how fast they grow up.

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