Going to the movies...with a baby

Justin and I do not go to the movies alot but do on occasion enjoy going to the theatre. Well since we have had Addison and can not go whenever we like there have been 1,000 movies I want to see. Earlier this week Justin asked if I wanted to go see a movie this weekend and I was about to tell him how we could not take Addison and be the annoying people who take their screaming baby everywhere when Justin told me that our theatre has a baby room. I had no idea what that was. Our theatre has a room inside the theatre that is enclosed by glass and has speakers in it but is sound proof. So you just take your baby with you and watch the movie. We went to see Grand Torino (one of the best movies I have seen in a long time) and really enjoyed it without worrying about Addison crying. So all three of us had fun at the movies and think we will be going to see alot more movies.

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